Management Consultant

Before ending my PhD studies, I search for a position either as developer in a company dealing with complex issues, or as a consultant within a dynamic environment. I went to Software Improvement Group (SIG) in Copenhagen, doing a period of 14 days I had three interviews, where the last interview consists of 5 meetings in Amsterdam. From the first meeting, I really felt that the persons I talked with, was committed to their work, and the atmosphere was very good. But after three interviews I could not describe what kind of work I would be doing at SIG. But I really liked the drive and the commitment from the persons I have talked to, therefore I decided to take the job.

Our clients at SIG covers CIOs from large companies, ministries, ministerial divisions and all other aspects where software is developed, maintained or consumed. Therefore is this job so exciting, we meet all kind of persons in all kind of business.

What we do, is that we measure the maintainability of a given software product, and advices the client based on the findings. All our measurements follow the standard for Software Quality (ISO 25010) with respect to maintainability.

The persons from my three interviews, are now the best colleagues you can have. The commitment is high, and the whole team would rather die than not deliver the best results for the clients.

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