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You can find my curriculum vitae in this section, it is more detailed than what you find on LinkedIn. But remember a curriculum vitae doesn’t tell much about the person…


I’m working at Software Improvement Group (SIG), as Management Consultant, which provide me availability and insights to a wide area of software solutions. At SIG we measure software quality, and advice based on facts measured in source code. My job is to translate technical issues, in a way where the developer and the CIO can understand which impact software quality has for the business. I love to solve complex issues and to explain the solution in a simple way.

I’m married with Gitte and we have been married since April 2016. Gitte and we have two lovely daughters, Ella (from October 2015) and Lea (from March 2018).

Some people are fans, some people are just looking up to someone, and I am definitely in the last category. So I have listed my two favorit quotations here:

The importance of the four P’s

Do not start solving an issue, if you cannot see perspectives for the solution, or at least see a reason for why the issue is important. If you are missing the ‘why’ of the issue, then the solution you find might not be the correct or optimal solution.

One of the biggest gifts, when communicating or talking to people is your personality. If you your person has likeability and your surroundings can feel your commitment, then all tasks can be done.

Things gets easier when you have a passion, for what you do. Whether it is a passion for keeping your lawn green and beautiful or it is helping a million dollar company getting their software right.

Do not solve only 80% of task, or solve the full task with a half solution. Start doing your tasks with perfection – it might take a little bit longer, but you will only touch the task once.

Curriculum Vitae


2018- University of Southern Denmark, Odense , IMADA Censor Corps, started April 2018

2018-2018 University of Southern Denmark, Odense , Supervisor for 4th semester Software Engineering, started February 2018, ended June 2018

2017- Software Improvement Group, Copenhagen, Management Consultant, started September 2017

2013-2017 University of Southern Denmark, Odense, PhD Student, started November 2013, ended August 2017

2016-2016 University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, Visiting Research Scholar, started January 2016, ended March 2016

2012-2013 Hedal:Kruse:Brohus, Odense, Developer, started September 2012, ended October 2013

1999-2011 Mogens Bøg, Davinde, part-time Gardener, started December 1999, ended December 2011


2013-2017 PhD Software Engineering, Thesis: Software Tools and Data Processing Methods to Support Software Defined Buildings, Center for Energy Informatics, University of Southern Denmark

2010-2012 Master of Science in Robot System Engineering, Software System Engineering, University of Southern Denmark

2007-2010 Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems Engineering, University of Southern Denmark

2005-2007 Upper Secondary School: Højere Teknisk Eksamen (HTX), Odense Tekniske Gymnasium

2002-2005 Continuation School: Bernstorffsminde Efterskole

1993-2002 Primary School: Ferritslev Friskole


Software Tools and Data Processing Methods to Support Software Defined Buildings – by Emil Holmegaard. PhD Thesis. University of Southern Denmark. 2017

Metafier – a Tool for Annotating and Structuring Building Metadata – by Emil Holmegaard, Aslak Johansen and Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard. Published in Proceeding of the 2017 IEEE Smart World Congress (SmartWorld 2017) by IEEE. 2017.

Mining Building Metadata by Data Stream Comparison – by Emil Holmegaard and Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard. Published in Proceeding of the 2016 IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability (SusTech) by IEEE. 2016. Pages 28-33.

Towards a Metadata Discovery, Maintenance and Validation Process to Support Applications that Improve the Energy Performance of Buildings – by Emil Holmegaard, Aslak Johansen and Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard. Published in 2016 IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communica-
tion Workshops (PerCom Workshops) by IEEE. 2016. Pages 1-6.

NILM in an Industrial Setting: A Load Characterization and Algorithm Evaluation – by Emil Holmegaard and Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard. Published in 2016 IEEE International Conference on Smart Computing (SMARTCOMP) by IEEE. 2016. Pages 1-8.

Status and Challenges of Residential and Industrial Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring – by Ali Adabi, Patrick Mantey, Emil Holmegaard and Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard. Published in Proceeding of the 2015 IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability (SusTech) by IEEE. 2015. Pages 181-188.

Demand Response with Model Predictive Comfort Compliance in an Office Building – by Peter Nelleman, Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard, Emil Holmegaard, Krzysztof Arendt, Aslak Johansen, Fisayo Caleb Sangogboye and Bo Nørregaard Jørgensen. Published in Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications (SmartGridComm) by IEEE. 2017.

OccuRE: an Occupancy REasoning Platform for Occupancy-driven Applications – by Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard, Aslak Johansen, Fisayo Caleb Sangogboye and Emil Holmegaard. Published in Proceedings of the 19th International Acm Sigsoft Symposium on Component-based Software Engineering by Association for Computing Machinery. 2016. Pages 39-48.

Energy Efficiency in a Mobile World – by Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard, Zheng Ma, Emil Holmegaard and Bo Nørregaard Jørgensen. Published in Smart Grids from a Global Perspective : Bridging Old and New Energy Systems by Springer. 2016. Pages 249-268.

Towards Automatic Identification of Activity Modes in Electricity Consumption Data for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises – by Emil Holmegaard and Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard. Published at NILM Workshop 2014. 2014. Pages 1-4.


Danish Native
English High level, orally and written
German Limited level

Programming Languages

C# High level. Knowledge about Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, Linq and Entity Frameworks.

VB.NET High level.

Python High level.

Java High level. Knowledge about Java for Android, Java for Google App Engine and Play Framework.

Javascript High level, including jQuery, Knockout and D3JS.

SQL High level.

C Reasonable level, used for creating Linux Device Drivers.


Communication I am good at converting a technical problem to a problem that people without technical skills can understand. I am good at translating technical solutions to language where everybody can understand.

Creative When solving problems, I find new creative ways. Often it can be reusing some code with small modification, other times it can be by using new technologies.

Knowledge Management To obtain the most knowledge from those who hold knowledge, so others can respond on this. This was one of the primary subjects for my master thesis.

Agile I am used to work in a fast changing environment. I know and can apply SCRUM and Unified Process. Most of my work, is done in sprints of one day, and I keep a backlog for tasks that I would like to create or fix.


2015- Physical Notes to Cloud Solution

In my spare time I have developed a software solution for a transportation company. This solution replaces a physical compendium with delivery notes, with a cloud solution, that can be used offline on tablets or mobile phones. The solution has been developed with C# and MVC4, Javascript Knockout and deployed to Windows Azure.

2014-2017 Prototype for presentation of energy data
As part of my PhD study, have I developed a couple of prototypes to present and analyse energy data. Furthermore I have developed a platform, where I easily can add new prototypes, and reuse parts of the existing infrastructure, eg. retrieving data, saving models and so on. The development have been via web technologies.

November 2014 Energinet Competition
Doing fall 2014, I have been in a competition at Energinet. The obejctive for the competition were to create an overview of the Danish energy system, which the ordinary dane could understand. I got the runner up position, you can read more here.

2012-2013 SuperBest Online Supermarket
I have maintained and further developed the SuperBest Online solution. It has been everything from server and database maintance to markup code in the frontend or integration to their ERP systems.

Further Information

2011- Handball Referee, 3. Division
2011-2013 Board Member Rolfhallen
2011-2013 Board Member Rolfhallens Aktivitetsudvalg
2009-2012 Handball Coach Rolfsted IF U14 and U16

Some Fun Facts
+ 365
Said "I love you" to my wife per year
+ 7.988
C# LoC/Year
Pizzas ordered pr year
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